Welcome to the website of O’Fallon Lodge No. 576, Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Illinois. The officers and members of O’Fallon Lodge No. 576 would like to extend our fraternal greetings to our visiting brethren. For any person new to Freemasonry, we hope this site will provide a brief, informative view of our Fraternity, and perhaps spark an interest in our history, tradition, and contribution to society.

Mission – Our purpose is to foster a way of life which promotes the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God and allow each member to grow steadfastly in accordance to his own personal convictions and beliefs.

Vision – Our objective is to build the next generation of selfless leaders within our communities – men of conviction, integrity, and character – who believe in God, are devoted to his family, charitable in his cause, courteous to his fellow man, and finally, true to his word and himself.

Through sound principles exemplified by the Founding Fathers of this great nation, our members are busy men heavily involved within our society. O’Fallon Lodge No. 576 has a long history of that commitment to making good men better and making a difference in our respective communities. For over 140 years, we have been active members within the southern Illinois region. This worldwide, fraternal organization has additionally helped shape societies with like-minded men dedicated to improving our world with moral and spiritual values. This bond throughout the ages has continuously manifested itself with a sincere drive towards personal excellence and the growth of mind, body, and spirit, through the use of education, charity, and benevolence.

Freemasonry is known for its dedication to three basic tenets:

Brotherly Love – To look past the limitations of each individual looked upon by society, thereby transcending social, religious, and political barriers. It clearly solidifies a common vision that surpasses division, and makes plain that which is truly important. On this principle, Masonry unites men of every country, sect, and opinion; and causes true friendship to exist among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.

Relief – To relieve the distressed is a duty incumbent on all men, but particularly on Masons, who are linked together by an indissoluble chain of sincere affection. To soothe the unhappy, to sympathize with their misfortunes, to compassionate their miseries, and to restore peace to their troubled minds, is the great aim we have in view. On this basis we form our friendships and establish our connections.

Truth – To be true to oneself and to seek, find, and learn the truth in all things, are principles exemplified by those initiated in the path towards illumination. Truth is a Divine attribute which is the foundation of every virtue.

Throughout history, men of vision and clarity banded together in their day solely for the exchange and advancement of enlightenment ideas, and the progress for human achievement in the arts and sciences. Most of what was held dearly behind the scenes was joined together by shared ideals, both moral and metaphysical in nature. These very same ideas continue today by the instilling of values necessary to promote equality, tolerance, and a sense of universal brotherhood that extends from our local communities and encompasses the world and our global community.

Faith, Hope, and Charity.