Belleville Appendant Bodies

Belleville Assembly No. 4, IORG
Rainbow is a non-profit, service-oriented organization that teaches girls three basic virtues: Faith in a Supreme Being and other people, having Hope in all that they do, and Charity toward others. The seven colors of the Rainbow represent seven teaching that each member receives on her journey toward the pot of gold.

St. Clair County York Rite
The York Rite of Freemasonry as practiced in Illinois, consists of four degrees of Capitular Masonry, conferred in a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons; three degrees of Cryptic Masonry, conferred in a Council of Cryptic Masons; and three Orders of Chivalric Masonry, conferred in a Commandery of Knights Templar. Minor differences in structure may occur in jurisdictions outside of Illinois. Regardless of the specific form, the degree work is dignified, impressive and inspirational, and is designed to reinforce and expand upon the moral precepts taught in the three degrees of the Symbolic Lodge.

Valley of Southern Illinois, AASR, NMJ
The Scottish Rite seeks to strengthen the community and believes that each man should act in civil life according to his individual judgment and the dictates of his conscience. The Scottish Rite builds upon the ethical teachings and philosophy offered in the craft lodge, or blue lodge, through dramatic presentation of the individual degrees.

Belleville Shrine Club – Ainad Shriners
The word Ansar is Arabic and means ‘Those Who Give Aid.’ Ansar’s Nobles try to do just that through their support of the 19 Shriners Hospitals for Children and 3 Burn Institutes. We also refer a number of children to the hospital in Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and the burn hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Outreach Programs

Illinois Masonic Children’s Homes
For over 120 years The Illinois Masonic Children’s Homes (IMCH) has offered long term residential care for children between the ages of 4 through 16 years.

Illinois Masonic Outreach Services

The Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (or IMOS) helps fellow Master Masons and their families through the toughest of times. “The programs’ mission is to bridge the gap between community resources and member needs to promote physical, social, financial, and personal enrichment to enhance the quality of life for our membership.”

Illinois Student Assistance Program
The Illinois Masonic Foundation Student Assistance Program model is a school-based early intervention approach for schools to help students who are having difficulty being successful in school. We work with your school delegates to train an intervention team to help identify students with difficulties and guide them to both school and community resources for support. Training costs are covered through the IL Masonic Foundation.

Illinois Child Identification Program
Members of the Masonic Fraternity in 30 States have similar programs to help parents and young families. The IL CHIP program — sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Illinois — is held by experts as the ‘premier child identification program’ currently offered in the State of Illinois.

Grand Lodges

Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of the State of Illinois
Members of the Masonic Fraternity have been making positive contributions to our communities for over 160 years through programs that promote education, reduce substance abuse, care for the elderly, and care for our youth. Today, the Grand Lodge of Illinois comprises more than 500 Lodges and over 70,000 Masons – men of character from every walk of life all working together to build a better world.

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F. & A.M. State of Illinois and its Jurisdictions
Prince Hall Masonry first came into existence on March 6, 1775 with the first lodge chartered on April 29, 1787. Illinois’s Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Masons have been serving our communities since May 6, 1867. By looking forward to our future, and by focusing on the tenets of Faith, Hope, and Charity, Masons look forward to improving relationships through dignity, respect and honor throughout our Jurisdiction, and around the world.

United Grand Lodge of England
The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the main governing body of freemasonry within England and Wales and in other, predominantly ex-British Empire and Commonwealth countries outside the United Kingdom. It is the oldest Grand Lodge in the world, deriving its origin from 1717.

Academic Lodges

The Masonic Society
A significant group of passionate Masons have joined together to create what is now the fastest growing research society in Freemasonry — The Masonic Society — who are at the forefront of charting a path for the future of Freemasonry. Our name, The Masonic Society, intentionally alludes to the Royal Society, the innovative organization of visionary men who were at the forefront of the Age of Enlightenment, many of whom were present at the formation of what became modern Freemasonry. Likewise, our Society is at the forefront of a new age of Freemasonry, with a vibrant, active community within the fraternity, with members in 17 countries around the world.

The Harvard Lodge @ Harvard University
The Harvard Lodge A.F. & A.M. was instituted on May 18th 1922, as the first Academic Masonic Lodge in the United States. The direct origins of The Harvard Lodge stem from a few other Masonic clubs and organizations that were functioning at the University in the early 1900’s. These included the Harvard Masonic Club, The Square and Compass Club, and the Harvard chapter of the Acacia Fraternity.

The Patriot Lodge No. 1957 @ George Mason University
Chartered on November 11, 2011, the Patriot Lodge is the newest lodge to be formed in Virginia and works closely with George Mason University in order to build its reputation as a valued member of the academic community.

The Colonial Lodge No. 1821 @ George Washington University
Chartered under the District of Columbia, the Colonial Lodge No. 1821, brings together members of The George Washington University community and serves as an academic lodge for the university.

Apollo University Lodge No. 357 @ Oxford University
Apollo University Lodge no. 357, founded in 1819, is the Freemasons’ Lodge of the University of Oxford.

Isaac Newton University Lodge No. 859 @ Cambridge University
The Isaac Newton University Lodge (INUL) is a Freemasons Lodge for past and present members of Cambridge University. The lodge is one of twenty-six lodges in the masonic Province of Cambridgeshire and has a current membership of about 130. INUL has links with many university lodges within England and throughout the world.

Affiliated Organizations

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls
There is something eternally special about a girl who gives back to her community. This is one of the basic teachings of Rainbow. Likewise, K-12 schools and colleges believe in nurturing service-minded generations and now require many students to volunteer on an ongoing basis, or complete a specific number of hours of community service. IORG’s primary focus is more on the spiritual principles of being a kind and caring person. While the Rainbow practices and programs continue to evolve, the basic teachings of faith, hope, and charity remain a cornerstone of this dynamic girl’s youth group.

DeMolay International
DeMolay is an organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy, and productive lives. Basing its approach on timeless principles and practical, hands-on experience, DeMolay opens doors for young men aged 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today.

Job’s Daughters International
Members have fun together at activities such as swimming parties, dances, family picnics, slumber parties, miniature golf, marching in parades and so much more. In Job’s Daughters you will make new friends that will last a lifetime. Job’s Daughters perform service projects to help their community and the less fortunate. We actively support the Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment (HIKE) Fund, which purchases hearing assisted devices for hearing impaired children.

Order of the Eastern Star
The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world to which both women and men may belong. Eastern Star is a social order comprised of persons with spiritual values, but it is not a religion. While this is an Order composed of people of deep spiritual convictions, it is open to all faiths. The stated purposes of the organization are: Charitable, Educational, Fraternal and Scientific.

York Rite Freemasonry
The York Rite or American Rite is one of several Rites of the worldwide fraternity known as Freemasonry. It is specifically a collection of separate Masonic Bodies and associated Degrees that would otherwise operate independently. The York Rite is one of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry that a Master Mason may join to further his knowledge of Freemasonry.

Scottish Rite Freemasonry, NMJ
The Scottish Rite seeks to strengthen the community and believes that each man should act in civil life according to his individual judgment and the dictates of his conscience. The Scottish Rite is one of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry that a Master Mason may join for further exposure to the principles of Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite builds upon the ethical teachings and philosophy offered in the craft lodge, or blue lodge, through dramatic presentation of the individual degrees.

Shriners International
Shriners International supports Shriners Hospitals for Children, a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research, and outstanding teaching programs for medical professionals. Children up to age 18 with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate are eligible for care and receive all services in a family-centered environment, regardless of the patients’ ability to pay.